Even With I-594 Passed in Washington State, All is Not Lost

Recently some of us at No Prohibition took time off to document – and in one case, get involved with – the campaign for I-591 and against I-594 in Washington State. We expected the voter’s guide to have worthwhile arguments presented for the former and against the latter by key leaders in the pro-gun. Thus the site was put on hiatus to take time off for more direct involvement. Surely the voter’s guide would have just the right information necessary to tip things in our favor, right?


Sadly, this turned out to not be the case. The most critical means of making a case to voters at no cost was wasted. We will go into deeper analysis in a future post about what went wrong, and propose a future initiative to overturn the impractical provisions of I-594 in addition to other things of interest to gun owners.


For now, we recommend taking a look at the following example of what happens when grassroots is done right. Paternalistic billionaires are an impediment, not an excuse:


Coming Soon: I-591 & I-594 Fact Sheet Will Be Posted This Week

We will have a fact sheet up this week regarding two upcoming initiatives in the state of Washington – both of which largely pertain to how background checks for firearm purchases are to be conducted. For now, this is a recent video the National Rifle Association has uploaded:



Learn more: https://www.voteno594.com/


No Prohibition: An Overview of Future Plans

This website will serve to convince visitors that the legal war on drugs, guns, and information (in the form of copyright and free speech restrictions) have been a failure. Free memes, infographics, fact sheets, and even campaign materials that can be adapted for use in those three areas will be hosted here. A sample of the kinds of things we will be making include the following:


International Gun Deaths

A low-res sample of a final draft. With your support we can make this an 18×24″ poster!


Other graphics on the subjects of drug prohibition, copyright, free speech, etc. are also in the works. In addition to providing materials concerning those topics, we also hope to convince people who are already active in ending restrictions in one or more of those three areas that they are all under the same “big tent.” Restrictions in one area can easily have negative effects in another: Asset forfeiture laws developed in the war on drugs have also been used against gun owners for instance.


This site will become fully active by this October. We are likely going to post bi-weekly collections of articles containing what we think has the most relevant and useful information in the three areas this site will focus on. Less often (but equally important to us) we will produce materials of our own that we encourage you to share as widely as possible.


Thank you for visiting!